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The first commercial migration tool

For foreign RPA solutions in Korea


Automated tasks with foreign RPA solutions are automatically converted into domestic RPA solutions to dramatically reduce the redevelopment burden.

DT-RX(RPA X) RPA Code Automatic Conversion Tool

The migration tool makes it easy to convert and develop the entire challenges that are being developed and operated with foreign RPA.


RPA Solution Conversion Considerations

Can we redevelop dozens or hundreds of Tasks?

Wouldn't there be an automatic conversion tool for RPA source code?

Will the operational stabilization be successful as a result of the transition?

What are the cost savings after Conversion?

Trustworthy products and partner companies you can rely on?

It will help you to resolve all these concerns.

Easy, Fast, Large scale

Task Conversion Development

Reduce the cost of maintaining RPA licenses

Minimize management and employee resistance

Hyper Automation Establishing a foundation for leap forward

Brity RPA

Best No. 1 Business Automation solution for Business Innovation

Combining various AI technologies such as

NLU (Natural Language Understanding),
OCR (Optical Character Recognition),
and TA (Text Analytics) enables complex and intelligent task execution.

DTNOW is an Official Partner of Samsung SDS.

Samsung SDS Logo
시작 개발팀
Brity Assistant

Brity Assistant,
Solution for building an AI Chatbot.

Brity Assistant is a solution for building AI chatbots. Through learning domain expertise and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), it provides optimal responses to user questions and easily implements Digital Workers specialized in enterprise tasks by performing instructed tasks.

GUI-Based Scenario Design

Brity Assistant
Brity Cognitive service

Brity Cognitive Service

Use text, images, and voice data more valuable with various AI technologies.


Brity Cognitive Service

Brity Cognitive Service is a service that provides cognitive ability to understand text, images, and voice data so that decisions can be made based on information within unstructured data.

When users automate their tasks, AI technology can be applied step by step to further improve automation productivity.

Brity Cognitive Service

AI-based text/image recognition, inference, and recommendation services


Brity Automation Platform

The Brity Automation Platform enables end-to-end automation across processes that are integrated with a variety of work systems.

Users can start, stop, and manage automation processes across multiple systems via Messenger.

Brity Automation Platform

Build/operate platform for personal business automation and beyond

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