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By swiftly and accurately converting foreign RPA project code into domestic RPA product code, you can save on the expensive operating costs of RPA. Utilizing RPA Migration tools can lead to dramatic cost savings in analysis/design, task redevelopment, and operational phases.

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RPA Migration Tool Copyright: Reg. No. C-2023-046052

Foreign RPA Solutions


- Importing RPA Projects

- Determining Project Attributes


- Automation Design Verification

- Additional Dependency and Integration Tracking


- Brity RPA Conversion

- Maintaining transformational Design

Samsung SDS Brity RPA
DTNOW RPA Conversion Solution

Immediate conversion of processes developed with foreign RPA

By using the DT-RX RPA Conversion tool, projects developed with foreign RPA solutions can be swiftly transformed into Samsung SDS Brity RPA projects.

Enables conversion to recycle existing RPA Code

Compared to manually redeveloping tasks designed with foreign RPA solutions, DT-RX enables more than 50% increase in development productivity for transition development.

DTNOW RPA Conversion Solution
DTNOW RPA Conversion Solution

Support for the conversion of various and complex features of foreign RPA solutions

Support the conversion of various and complex features such as 'Development Frameworks,' 'Flow Control Structures,' 'Scripts,' and 'Composite Activities' from foreign RPA solutions.

Introduction Video

DT-RX, the First Domestic tool for Migrating from foreign RPA Solutions

The process and method of development using conversion tools

Based on results from the Conversion Tool

"Code Reuse Debug Mode" Development Progress

Foreign RPA Operations Task

DTNOW RPA Conversion Solution

Using DT-RX Conversion Tool

DTNOW RPA Conversion Solution

Brity RPA Development

Development Progresses based on the Debug mode of the conversion results

DTNOW RPA Conversion Solution

Reviewing Target Task Scenarios (Projects)

Conversion of RPA Transition Tools

Review Conversion Results

Operational Testing

Develop code reuse Debug

Brity Common Design/Development

Automatic conversion results using Conversion Tools

The transformation results that support Brity's development productivity

DTNOW RPA Conversion Solution

1. Converting Foreign RPA Project

2. Automatic Scenario Conversion

3. Automatic variable Conversion

4. Automatic Attribute Conversion

Case of Conversion Tool

DTNOW RPA Conversion Solution

The advantages of using conversion tools in transition projects

Support optimize Development procedures and Business management

Checklist for RPA Redevelopment

DT-RX Conversion Tool-based development Benefits





- Outdated Process Definition Document

- Requesting a new meeting with business users for redevelopment purposes

- Process Definitions Reference Degree

- Minimize on-site meetings and develop only with source code analysis




- Full Code Redevelopment

- RPA framework, Common modules, Task-specific workflows, and exception handling codes can be reused from the converted code, enabling rapid development




- A lot of time needed for stabilizing manual development outputs

- More time available for task stabilization after rapid conversion development

Cost-saving effects for client companies due to conversion projects

Reinvesting the saved costs into building more Automation

Annual Platform and Bot License Costs

(Unit, KRW 1 million)








DTNOW RPA Conversion Solution

Foreign Solution

Brity RPA

Cost Savings

Year 1

5 Bots

Year 2

10 Bots

Year 3

25 Bots

Year 4

50 Bots

Offering specialized DTNOW solutions for RPA conversion projects

1.Transition Business Methodology

Conversion Task optimization Process

DTNOW RPA Conversion Solution

2.RPA Technical Skills

Pool of two or more RPA Technical Resources

DTNOW RPA Conversion Solution

3.RPA Conversion Tool

Proposing the only RPA Conversion tool in South Korea

DTNOW RPA Conversion Solution
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