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Ideal Talent

DTNOW awaits the innovative thinkers who embrace the coexistence of humans and technology and fearlessly tackle new challenges.

DTNOW Talent Ideal


We prioritize practical abilities,

organizational fit, and personal qualities over their

academic background, work experience, or age


Individuals who possess confidence in their abilities

demonstrate a sense of responsibility,

actively take ownership,

and show passion for their work.


Ideal Talent


People with innovative thinking

to continuously learn the expertise

needed for work and create results

to achieve vision in new markets


People who can create synergy

through free communication

with the organization and colleagues



DTNOW operates a variety of 'bodied welfare systems' to ensure a stable working life for employees, foster the spirit of ownership, and establish a sense of unity.

Four Major Insurances

It guarantees a stable company life for executives and employees,

including four major insurances and accident insurance.

Happy Birthday

Perceptive Employee

Birthday gift provision

Medical Examination

We conduct regular health check-ups

For employees to ensure their well-being.

Self-improvement Education Support

We regard employee growth

as the best Welfare.

Congratulatory Event

We support congratulatory and condolence leave

as well as offering financial support.

Support for long-term Overseas Travel

Refreshing long-term employees

Support for Vacation expenses

Support for Welfare Points

We support welfare points

Every year.

Severance Pay

Support for joining

The Retirement Pension System

Holiday Gift

During the holidays (New Lunar New Year's Day, Chuseok)

Gift Giveaway!

Incentives and Performance Payments

Operation of incentive system

based on corporate performance


Recruitment Information

We are looking for talented people to join DTNOW in the automation software field.

Automation developer (foreign/domestic)

Task Automation Consultant (PM)

Application and Web/App Developer

Data Expert



Development / Operation using automation tools

Domain Expertise

Net, JAVA, Python, HTML5


Data Analytics and Deployment


Project Experience

Computer Engineering Department

Information Processing Engineer


Preferential Conditions

Recruitment Process

Job Application

Download the company's prescribed job application form,

fill it out by e-mail, mail (postmarking the deadline) and receive it by e-mail

Document Screening

Personality/Character/Social experience/Career, etc

Examination by considering

whether the job is suitable

Interview Selection (Practitioner Interview)

Newcomer: Considering personality, efforts/experience, language, etc. to develop qualities suitable for the job
Experience: Interview of practical process based on career description and examination of personality, language, etc

Executive Interview Process

Second interview only

for those who pass the working-level interview

Physical Examination

Recruitment screening is conducted

only for those who pass the interview

Final Pass

Prepare the necessary documents for employment

submit them on the first day of work

​Qualification requirements



More than two years of experience in the same industry / College graduate or higher

Graduates or higher

How to Apply

Online Job Application

Job Application

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