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Brity Assistant

Brity Assistant is a solution for building AI chatbots. Through learning domain expertise and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), it provides optimal responses to user questions and easily implements Digital Workers specialized in enterprise tasks by performing instructed tasks.

Through Samsung SDS's Brity Assistant,

you can create intelligent AI chatbots that understand the intent of questions and provide desired answers or handle specific tasks.

Apply the latest NLU* technology

Brity Assistant ChatBot

NLU Plug-in construction for Customer Purpose

NLU Algorithms Applicable

Easy conversation Design Tool

Brity Assistant ChatBot

GUI-based conversational design tools,

​Easily design conversations for anyone

Specialized in Corporate Affairs
Process Processing

Brity Assistant ChatBot

Designing end-to-end automation processes for business by integrating with legacy systems

Connecting various Channels

Brity Assistant ChatBot

Corporate Messenger, Web Chat, Voice Bot, etc

Support for multiple forms of Channel Association

Intuitive Statistics/Analysis Tools

Brity Assistant ChatBot

Based on the training model evaluation results and feedback

Enable continuous model performance improvement

* NLU (Natural Language Understanding) : Natural Language understanding Algorithm technology

Brity Assistant consists of various components including Chatbot Manager for creating and designing conversations, an NLU engine for learning data and inferring responses to inquiries, and a Dialog Manager for managing conversation flow.

Brity Assistant ChatBot

Brity Assistant is equipped with an NLU plug-in structure

making it advantageous for applying new algorithms

and expanding to global languages.

Additionally, it boasts a high-performance classification engine

based on the latest deep learning technology,

ensuring high conversation accuracy

even with extensive data training.

Brity Assistant ChatBot

Brity Assistant provides a graphic user interface

based conversation design environment,

allowing anyone to easily create chatbots.

Brity Assistant ChatBot

Brity Assistant enables 'multi-context processing'

to understand conversations with multiple intents,

providing a natural flow of dialogue akin

to human conversation.

Brity Assistant ChatBot

Brity Assistant provides a feature to easily assess the accuracy

of the chatbot at a glance, and in cases of low accuracy, it offers the ability

to analyze the cause and make immediate improvements.

Brity Assistant ChatBot

Introducing Video

AI-based chatbot building solution,

Introducing Brity Assistant.

Unique Features of Brity Assistant

Provides advanced AI technology

that customers need.

We offer NLU algorithms tailored to the scale of your desired chatbot. Our NLU plug-in structure allows flexible application of algorithms based on each bot's characteristics, facilitating easy expansion into other languages like English.

Optimal Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Engine

NLU Evaluation/Analysis feature provides
Comprehension rate of Natural Language

Achievement of Ideals



Customer Case

Personnel Team, Samsung SDS

Utilizing Brity RPA and Assistant, we manage the health and safety of 23,000 employees through real-time COVID-19 emergency response surveys.

Example of Use

Brity Assistant ChatBot

Customer Support and Information Provision

Incorporating chatbot services into our mobile securities app for quick access to stock information, transactions, and explanations of complex terms.



Solution Support Specification


Docker 19.03+, Nvidia-docker2-2.2+

Web Server

Node 8.9+


Elastic Search 7.3+


MariaDB 10.3+, Oracle 12c+

Java Application Server

Zulu 1.8+, Oracle Java 1.8+

Operating System

CentOS Linux 7.6+, Ubuntu 16.04+ LTS

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Worried about finding out which tasks to automate?
    Brity RPA utilizes business log analysis to understand the entire workflow, enabling swift identification of tasks suitable for automation. It offers features such as recommending automation targets and automatically generating scenarios to effectively discover and apply automated tasks.
  • Q. Wondering if introducing one bot would have a big effect?
    By optimizing the process with efficient bot utilization, you should be able to see more than improvement. Brity RPA allows one bot to perform two tasks simultaneously or distributed processing using multiple bots, enabling multiple tasks to be executed more quickly and accurately simultaneously.
  • Q. Worried about continuous operation/management on the go?
    We provide continuous operation and management solutions as crucial as implementing/applying RPA. With a web/mobile-based orchestrator, administrators can conveniently schedule, monitor, and remotely control bots from their personal mobile/PC devices, regardless of their location. Real-time status management and immediate task delegation to bots are available even in large-scale automated environments.
  • Q. Wondering if the RPA we just introduced can be upgraded?
    It is possible to expand links with various AI technologies, including SDS' own AI technology. Brity RPA can easily expand its automation area by linking with chatbots for user interaction and various AI technologies such as AICR, OCR, M/L, and Analytics for unstructured data or document recognition.
  • Q. Worried that there will be alternatives to the exceptions?
    We will find an Automation plan for the exception conditions. Brity RPA secures key corporate information needed for automation with strong security policies through authentication, encryption, and electronic signatures. The chatbot allows managers to coordinate their work so that they can complete their work without interrupting the process.
  • Q. Worried about how to use Brity RPA?
    - Check out the various video content related to Video Tutorial Brity RPA. See More - Create your own automation process using the features oftenly used in your Design Library. See More - In Marketplace, find the right bot for your own situation and use it for your work See More
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