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Brity Cognitive Service

Users of the Brity Cognitive Service can be provided with cognitive capabilities that allow AI to recognize data and make decisions on its own without the need for specialized knowledge in machine learning.
It provides REST API calling service so that it can be easily and conveniently applied to users' applications.

The Brity Cognitive Service is a service that provides cognitive ability to understand text, image, and voice data so that decisions can be made based on information in unstructured data.

When users automate their tasks, AI technology can be applied step by step to further improve automation productivity.

Text Processing

Brity Cognitive Service

Separation of sentences, correction of spacing,

English → Korean, etc. for easy analysis

Text Extraction

Brity Cognitive Service

Key words/phrases, specific words,

Extract information such as related words

Text Detection

Brity Cognitive Service

Context-based detection of given keywords such as customer complaints and language used

Text Classification

Brity Cognitive Service

Classify emotions (positive, negative, etc.) and intentions (personnel, question, etc.)

by analyzing the expressions of the text

Text Summary

Brity Cognitive Service

After understanding the text content

​Create key sentences that summarize the article

​Questions and Answers

Brity Cognitive Service

Asking questions in natural language from a given text

​Provide information corresponding to the answer

Brity Cognitive Service is work automation

Can be used in casesVarious AI

Technologies provided in REST API formdo.

It supports reliable performance in a variety of data based on knowledge graphs learned from general common sense and machine learning models learned from large amounts of data.

Brity Cognitive Service

Based on pre-trained models, the Bright Cognitive Service can process unstructured data, categorize it into specific categories, and extract or recommend information.

Based on user data, AI models that are more suitable for specific use cases can be learned and utilized.
*Currently, 17 types of text analysis APIs are available (to be continued) View more Free Experience

Brity Cognitive Service

The Brity Cognitive Service analyzes unstructured text data and provides the meaning or information contained in it as a standardized result.

Using the AI technology provided, you can perform the necessary analysis in business automation scenarios such as VoC classification and customer complaint detection.

Brity Cognitive Service

By providing REST API call-based services, it is easy to link to services including the Brity solution.

AI-based business automation can be easily combined with a simple API call to the user's automation platform and RPA process.

Brity Cognitive Service

Main Services

Make valuable use of text, image, and voice data with AI.

Brity Cognitive Service

Fast and Accurate Analysis

It provides fast and accurate data analysis results

by leveraging pre-learning and out-of-the-box pre-learning models

and user-learning models based on user data.

Brity Cognitive Service

Flexible solution linkage based on REST API

Analysis results are provided through REST API to enable automation platform and

It can be easily linked to various solutions.

Brity Cognitive Service

Releasing a Periodic New Machine Learning Model

We will continue to provide machine learning models

that can process various types of data such as text,

images, documents, and voice data.

Brity Cognitive Service

Provides various pre-trained models

It provides a variety of pre-learned pre-learning models, including classification, extraction,

recommendation, and processing that can be used immediately for work.


Services for Users

​Business Processing Process

Services for users

Business Processing Process

Brity Cognitive Service

Congnitive Service

Utilization Solutions

Analysis of Consultation Contents

Analysis of Consultation Contents

Analysis of Consultation Contents


Cognitive API






Machine learning model

Pre-trained Model

User Learning Model

3rd party model


AI Text Analysis - Text Understanding

It provides 17 types of APIs, including immediate classification, extraction, recommendation, and summary, without any additional machine learning expertise.


Intent to classify the intent of the sentence by analyzing the text.
Classification, provides emotional classification that classifies emotions in sentences.


Keyword recommendations and relationships that analyze texts to find and recommend key words in sentences.
Provides word and hashtag recommendation functions.


By analyzing text and recognizing words in sentences,

An entity that is extracted as an entity such as place, organization, date, etc.
Machine reading that extracts and finds the correct answer in a sentence,

Provides various extraction functions such as key word extraction.

Example of Use

Brity Cognitive Service

Customer complaint detection and consultation analysis

Analyze customer inquiries in the customer consultation environment.

Classify the sensitivity of the inquiry and detect the keywords to judge the situation.

We analyze the counselor's counseling content to evaluate the quality of counseling and support high-quality counseling.

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